Indicator Details

Indicator Details

Functional Design

The CN70 and CK71 achieve true functional agility with the perfect balance of ruggedness, duty cycle and ergonomics.

Functional Design Details

The design of the CN70 and CK71 is optimized for field mobility environments. Specifically the CN70 is optimal for mobile field service and transportation workers who need power and performance in a compact form factor.  

Rugged Features for Harsh Environments

Scratched and damaged displays, and missing or unreadable keys not only slow your workers down, they reflect poorly on your company’s image.

Rugged Features for Harsh Environments Details

The no-compromise design of the CN70 and CK71 include an all-light visible VGA display, high durability Gorilla® Glass touch panel and indestructible keypad technology to ensure that they stay in workers’ hands instead of the repair depot.

State-of-the-Art Battery Life

By combining the latest generation processor along with state-of-the-art battery health diagnostics, the CN70 and CK71 can be relied upon to deliver the power and performance you require as well as reduce the expenses associated with replacement batteries.

Technical Specifications

Intermec CN70 and CK71 Indicators Technical Specifications, including dimensions, display, and standard configuration.

Technical Specifications Details

Dimensions CN70: 3.4x19.5x8cm
CK71: 5x23.7x8cm


3.5” Transmissive VGA with High-Durability Touch Screen 480 x 640 resolution
Operating System Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
Processor Multi-Processor Architecture: Texas Instruments®
CN70: 600MHz OMAP3® multi-engine processor architecture
CK71: 1 GHz multi-engine processor architecture

512 MB RAM; 1 GB Flash ROM


Customer-accessible micro-SD slot for removable memory cards up to 32 GB


CN70: 3.7 V, 4000 mAh battery capacity; Li-Ion, removable, rechargeable
CK71: 3.7 V, 5200 mAh battery capacity; Li-Ion, removable, rechargeable