LTS DR2100A / DR2100AN Digital Indicators

LTS DR2100A / DR2100AN Digital Indicators

LTS DR2100A / DR2100AN Digital Indicators

  • Pushbutton Zero
  • Gross/Net Conversion
  • Pushbutton and Digital Tare
  • APW Entry for Piece Count
  • ID Entry
  • Accumulator Register
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Dual Line, 32 Character LCD Display with Backlight
  • Motion Detection
  • 12 VDC up to 80 VDC Operation
  • Keyboard Calibration
  • Alphanumeric Display

Custom-built for industrial and commercial “on-board” weighing systems, the DR2100A and DR2100AN Digital Indicators provide instant, accurate weight readouts every time. Specifically designed for our LTS Lift Truck Scale product line, the DR Indicators provide the reliability and durability required in rugged environments.


Equip the DR2100A/AN with a variety of peripherals to enhance overall operations and to optimize efficiency. The DR Indicator can be easily adapted to accommodate scanners, printers, and wireless components. For example: Add a WiFi data transmission feature and a scanner to the DR Indicator to easily scan bar codes for freight identification and transmit weights instantly to remote locations.

Wireless Communication

Memory storage capabilities of the DR2100A/AN permit downloading of weight verification and inventory tracking via wireless to remote computers and servers or hard-wire connector to on-site or hand-held computers. This will provide real-time data, record-keeping and data entry in a digital format and reduce the need for paper records.

Technical Specifications

DR2100 On-board Indicator Technical Specifications, including dimensions, electrical compatibility, and power requirements.

Technical Specifications Details


DR2100A Non-Legal for Trade
DR2100AN NTEP Approved

Display Dual Line, 32 Character LCD
Display with Backlight
Electrical Compatibility From 12 VDC Up To and Beyond
48 VDC Operation
(12 VDC Standard with 24 VDC and above with DC-DC Converter)
Enclosure Dust-Tight Rugged Metal
Dimensions 8.25" L x 3.19" W x 6.69" H
Keypad Numeric
Installation Mounting Bracket
Power Requirements 12 VDC (Cable included)


Expand the capabilities of the DR2100 On-board Indicator with optional features.

Options Details

  • Custom Software
  • Multiple Setpoint Controls
  • RS232/RS485 Bi-directional Communication
  • Printers: LTS Specified Ticket, Roll tape, Barcode and Label Printers (barcode formats may require special program)
  • Barcode Scanners: LTS-Specified Hand-held and Fixed Mount
  • WiFi (Wireless) Data Transmission
  • Time and Date
  • Out-of-level Weight Compensation
  • Wireless Load Cell (Non-NTEP only)