LTS Scale DX Indicator

LTS Scale DX Indicator

LTS Scale DX Indicator

The DX indicator is powered by the Windows® 10 operating system and provides accurate weight readouts every time. Paired with a scale system, the DX can process weights, dimensions, PRO numbers and other operating data used in advanced cross-docking systems.

Speed + Accuracy = Profits

The LTS Scale DX indicator is a faster, cost-effective solution. Available both in 10" and 12" screen size models, the DX out-performs leading indicators in speed of operation while delivering accurate results.


When you pair the DX with one of our lift truck scales you can accomplish both your terminals most simple and comprehensive tasks. From dock route automation, trailer optimization, and capturing weight to scanning bar codes, and transmitting data via Wi-Fi, the DX indicator can do it all.


A rugged vehicle mounted computer, the DX is designed for tough conditions. Touch screen controls are user-friendly and the digital readouts are illuminated for maximum legibility.


The DX's memory storage capabilities allow you to download weight verification and inventory tracking wirelessly to remote computers and servers providing you with real-time data in a digital format.