Apparently, Floor Scales are Beneath This Company - News Article

Apparently, Floor Scales are Beneath This Company

A chemical and waste processing plant located in northeast Ohio was using floor scales for all of their weighing needs. This approach meant that lift trucks would line up as each pallet had to be weighed and labeled individually when it arrived at their warehouse. The result: bottlenecks; which led to operational downtime and lost revenues.

The processing plant called on a scale distributor to find a solution. The challenge: increase productivity. The distributor turned to LTS Scale, a manufacturer of innovative lift truck scale designs, to provide a scale system that would reduce downtime and provide the ability to print bar code labels with weight information, all from the cab of the lift truck.

LTS Scale’s Class II lift truck scale, outfitted with a thermal bar code printer, solved the problem. The customer has estimated savings of at least 90-minutes per truckload processed and estimates that the new lift truck scale will pay for itself within 9-months. A second scale has already been ordered and will soon be installed.

Now lifting, weighing, counting, accumulating and transporting are accomplished as a single efficient operation. The long waits to access the floor scales have been replaced with a streamlined workflow. LTS Scale — designing and manufacturing scale systems that measure success.

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