Center-Mount Enclosure Reduces Damage To Cables - News Article

Center-Mount Enclosure Reduces Damage To Cables

When it comes to your bottom line, small investments can have measurable returns. Such was the case with a new LTS Scale customer who was looking for a way to reduce damage to their lift truck weighing system’s home run cables.

Home run cables carry vital information to the lift truck’s onboard computing device. The cables can become damaged during the lifting and lowering of a load, and replacing them can become costly.

In collaboration with our customer, a LTL freight carrier, we redesigned the LTS Scale Legacy Clino box as a center-mount enclosure to provide better routing and access to the home run cable. With the cable exiting directly from the back of the Clino box, damage to the cable has been minimized as it can move freely within the lift truck’s mast. (This product applies to lift trucks with no central cylinder in the mast.)

By modifying our product to meet the customer’s specification, we achieved their objective to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

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