Don't Let IT Short-Circuit Your Lift Truck Scales - News Article

Don't Let IT Short-Circuit Your Lift Truck Scales

Like most things, a lift truck scale system’s electronics can use a tune-up every now and again. As technology improves, updates to the scale and indicator can deliver improved efficiencies and expanded capabilities.

LTS Scale recently completed such an upgrade for a long-term customer who uses our scale systems exclusively. To help them reach their goal of extending the use of their current scales, we engineered a conversion kit that transformed their scale system from an analog signal to a digital signal. As a result of the LTS Scale conversion kit, the customer was able to meet their information technology roadmap objective and save several hundred thousand dollars.

Electronics upgrades to scale systems allow LTL companies to operate either proprietary or third party applications that provide benefits, such as;
• Cross Dock Automation that instructs lift truck operators via the indicator what terminal door to take a shipment to, immediately after unloading it from a trailer
• Onboard Triggering of dimensioning units directly from the indicator eliminates the need for additional peripherals
• Trailer Optimization is achieved by gathering weight and dimensions so that skids are positioned inside the trailer for maximum weight compliance and safety.

LTS Scale’s High-Vis and Legacy scales are indicator neutral. So regardless the platform you choose, we have a mobile weighing solution available for you.

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