High-Vis Lift Truck Scale

High-Vis Lift Truck Scale

High-Vis Lift Truck Scale

  • Dual tension load cells 
  • Load cell overload rating of 300%
  • Single viewing port for increased operator visibility
  • Safety bolts provide a 5 to 1 safety factor
  • 10 step installation procedure which requires no modification to your existing lift truck
  • LTS Lift Truck Scale Systems conform dimensionally to I.T.A. specifications for cleat type lift trucks

The High-Vis, LTS Scale’s high visibility lift truck scale, was designed to provide improved visibility for lift truck operators. The design enhances the lift truck operator’s productivity by improving operational safety and reducing damage caused to valuable cargo. Constructed of solid steel, the High-Vis scale’s rugged design retains the exceptional features of our traditional scale base including superior load sample linearity, enhanced serviceability, improved heel-to-toe/fork-to-fork accuracy, and a variety of safety features. We also offer the Legacy Scale a single tension load cell with 0.1% accuracy.


Dual tension load cells with 0.1% accuracy.

Accuracy Details

An option is available that would automatically maintain this high degree of accuracy even in an out-of-level condition.

*Please Note: If you are generating an invoice from the weighment data then the application is Legal for Trade (NTEP). If not, then legal for trade is not required.


LTS Lift Truck Scales feature an exclusive design incorporating two sturdy bolts that impart a 5-1 safety margin.

Safety Details

These two rugged Grade-8 steel bolts secure the scale base for service, or if the flexures fail due to unintentional abuse, thereby preventing damage to the load cell. These safety bolts secure the load even if the scale is damaged by overloading (accidental misuse or abuse). The load cell rating has been selected to withstand an overload of 300% without damaging the cell.


LTS Lift Truck Scales utilize a system of multiple flexures for weight transfer to load mechanism.

Durability Details

The multiple flexures absorb the constant shock of load-bearing while transferring the weight to the load cells. These critical elements have no moving parts, reducing the potential for failure.

Technical Specifications

High-Vis Forklift Truck Scale Technical Specifications, including model number, dimensions, and capacity.

Technical Specifications Details

Class II
Models  LTEF162, LTEF16N2
Front Plate Dimensions  16" x 36"
Back Plate Width  31"
Front Plate Viewing Port  6.25" x 18.75"
Non-NTEP Max.  Capacity  6,000 lb.
NTEP Capacity  5,000 lb.

Class III
Models LTEF202, LTEF202N42, LTEF20482, LTEF202N48
Front Plate Dimensions 20" x 42"
20" x 48"
Back Plate Width 36"
Front Plate Viewing Port 9" x 25"
Non-NTEP Max.  Capacity 10,000 lb
NTEP Capacity 10,000 lb


Features flexures designed for easy, on-the-spot replacement, thus eliminating costly downtime.

Serviceability Details

Replacement parts are readily available from stocking distributors. Load cells are field replaceable, using customer maintenance personnel.

LTS Lift Truck Scale Systems conform dimensionally to I.T.A. specifications for cleat type lift trucks. The LTS scales attach readily to Class II, III and IV carriages.